Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Anchor Held!

I know I ended my last post saying I would return to the list but I must put the list off for a bit! This really isn't a traditional blog post. I am writing this so I will remember!

Boy, have I got a lot to say to myself!

The past week has been unlike any other in my life. First, I want to say the events in Japan are almost unspeakable. I cannot wrap my mind around the destruction, around the horror or heartache. I cannot imagine how it would have been to survived and to have everything I understood as life just gone. Gone. Not knowing about family or knowing. No way to recover anything, anything, anything the least bit familiar. This would be difficult to walk if I was walking hand in hand with the Lord. I truly cannot imagine attempting to navigate these days without Him. Oh my, how I pray. I have had several sleepless nights this week and I have felt the Lord call me to conversation with Him concerning the country of Japan and its people. The needs are so great and I know that I am not wise enough to know how or what to pray, so I continually ask the Lord to do what He does best, extend His grace and mercy and draw harrassed and helpless to Him. Lord move our hearts to help. Thank you, Lord that you invite us to cling to you, especially when we are living what is unexplainable.

A week ago today, I believe the day the destruction began in Japan, I had a bit of trouble myself. I had been asked by BJB to pick up Eden from Thursday school. She and Nika had been caught in traffic coming home from a Women's Ministry meeting out of town. I realized that I was picking Eden up at about the same time KJV was picking her two youngest after school. AH HA, a chance to meet up with cousins! So, KV and I planned to meet at the Starbucks on Denton Hwy by the shop. BJB & NM caught up with us there. The three youngest J,K & E had a blast being the decision makers. We just had a great time! (How could you not with that group!?)

We parted and started to make our separate ways home. I happened to be following BJB down Watauga Road. Just before I got to the Chase Bank on Rufe Snow all in the same moment I saw a pick up truck coming hard and fast out of the shopping center by the JPS Clinic. The truck was not coming out the exit but through the landscape! As soon as I saw him, he hit me. The driver hit my suburban right in front of the driver door (again, thank you, Lord!) knocked my car over the curb and he crashed into the corner of the Chase Bank. I just remember my head hitting the door side of my car, going to the other side and forward. I had my seatbelt on.

I was taken to the hospital in the ambulance and the man was taken by helicopter. After x-rays & scans I was released that night about 8 or 9 o'clock, I think. The other driver was released too. Amazing, just amazing. (The Bank is still in poor condition.)

I cannot believe that I did not have a broken bone, not one cut...just a very very large bump...actually the whole side of my head was swollen and all the parts that were not broken or bleeding hurt!

I was in a bad wreck last Thursday but what I experienced was the grace and mercy of the Lord. He was the shield around me. I was stunned by how quickly friends can fill a waiting room. Thank you, Lord.

I cannot imagine sweet BJB & NM as the events unfolded. I am so sorry. They did not know I was behind them. They were aware of the man hitting the landscaping and heard the crash, looked back and recognized my car. It looked awful. She & Nika prayed. She wheeled into the bank parking lot. She called MJ, Andy & Tony. She called Kelly. She called Sam & Em. They called Tim & VG. I remember raising my head and seeing Beck and wondering what she was doing there. I could tell she was scared. It took me several minutes to begin to put things together. Very soon MJ & AJ were at my side. (Just an aside, my husband is just the best at many things. The traffic had been stopped and was backed up for several blocks back toward Denton Hwy...when he & AJ turned onto Watauga Rd the firetruck was turning also...they got in the center lane right behind the firetruck & followed it and were there in mere minutes!) Kelly was picking up Tori after school when she got the call. Tori's school was blocks from the accident. She was there in minutes. (Aside #2 when Kelly came over to me Tori & Kadi stayed in the car. Tori's very favorite teacher from last year was leaving Albertson's& saw Kelly. She came to check on Kelly ask about Tori. Kelly told her Tori was over in the car. The teacher went to Tori. Later, I asked Tori what her teacher said," She got in the car. She sat with me and prayed with me until mom got back." Thank you, Lord.)
My family is wonderful every day, our love runs deep and wide and is spoken well daily. I hope I never forget the sweetness and tenderness of my family on this day. I could see fear in their eyes. I could see love and tenderness to me in their eyes and feel it in their touch. I could hear it in Sam's voice over the phone. I could tell he wished he was with us. How I love them.

A week later...
*I am much better. Still sore but not as sore! Fatigue is a part of this some how. Resting is what I have done best this week. My sister Vicki came and stayed with me on Friday, just to watch me sleep! She came back Monday and got 4 V kids and I brought us to Baird and has cared for all us this week. They left this AM and MJ is on his way. Hip, Hip Hooray for Vicki! I could not have made this week with out her. I am a blessed woman. Thank you, Lord.

*My 4wheel drive suburban was totaled. RATS.

*The line from a song that kept going over and over in my mind while I was laying in the hospital..."gotta be ready when He calls my name"

*Don't try to explain what God does and does not do. You can't do it. You don't need to. He is Who He Is, and He is Good. The outcome of an event does not change His goodness.

*One person I thought of several times before I left the hospital was my chiropractor. I knew we would be renewing our relationship.

* I also really wanted to see Jessica and talk with Emille. Love those ladies to pieces! I was also able to talk with TB & RV. Four mighty anchors in our family.

*Even during the unknown time at the hospital we laughed...the Jeffrey Family sense of humor is delightful!

****Life can change so quickly. I was just driving down the road going home after a very sweet time with some of my children and grandchildren. I realize I must live this life ready to make my exit at any moment. ( I knew that before the wreck, I can just say it with a bit more fervor this week!!) I truly do not know the day or the hour. I intend to live even more intentional with the days ahead. I do want to hear Him when He calls my name. Of course, I expect to hear Him call when it is time to be called home but I want to be intentional in responding when He calls me to go and do here on earth. Thank you, Lord. I love you, I absolutely love you! ****

OK, I have gone way too long, but I could have gone longer!


  1. We are all so thankful you are okay! And I'm so glad mom got to go take care of you!

  2. Thanks for sharing more of the details -- I have been praying, but didn't really know what happened.
    Keep living that INTENTIONAL life!! One that RADIATES HIM!!
    Sure do love ya!
    Hugs & Blessings,
    Liz Crittenden

  3. Thank you for sharing, Suzy. I have prayed so much for all of you as you process this. How incredibly amazing that so many of your family were around you so quickly--brings me to tears. God grant you all the rest you need and complete healing for your aches and hurts.

  4. Hey Suzy J!

    I am happy you are not as sore now and have had a restful time in Baird with Vicki and the kids. And now Morton is on his way! I love you Suzy!!

    Am in much prayer for Japan also! Did you know that Matt Huddleston (Jeff's brother) will be joining other brother Chad in Japan next week? HHI is helping with funds for the churches there and also for Chad and Matt as they deliver supplies, food, etc. Supplies are getting thru now but it is still cold there and snowing. I hurt so much for the people of Japan and praying for revival that many will come to know the one true GOD!!

    Hope to see you soon!!


  5. So very thankful that the Lord protected you that day. And also thankful that he knew the best way to reassure you was to send so much of your family to your side so quickly. What a miraculous blessing. Thank you for sharing this story!

  6. Thanks for sharing your insights,sweet friend! I couldn't stop thinking of you all the while we were in Honduras. Sooooo thankful!